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Oak Park Avenue was last resurfaced 18 years ago and existing water mains are from the early 1900s. In 2021, the Oak Park Avenue Projects will provide necessary utility improvements to water and sewer main infrastructure. In addition, resurfacing Oak Park Avenue includes ADA pedestrian ramp improvements, protected pedestrian crossings and beacons at select locations for added safety.

During periods of road closure, construction crews will maintain local access along the entire length of Oak Park Avenue from North Avenue to Roosevelt Road. Construction is scheduled for completion by October 2021.

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About the Project

The work consists of roadway improvements along the length of Oak Park Avenue, from North Avenue to Roosevelt Road. Work is expected to take eight months in 2021, beginning in March and finishing in October. The project is contracted in three parts.

Project Timeline


Resurfacing & ADA Improvements:

  • ADA Pedestrian Ramp Improvements the length of the project (omits Pleasant to Ontario)
  • Includes brick paver replacement in Southtown Business District
  • Bump-outs for protected pedestrian crossings at select locations
  • Pedestrian Crossing Beacons at selected locations (Lexington / Van Buren and Ontario)


North Utility Project:

  • Water Main Replacement (Chicago to Augusta and Madison to Randolph)
  • Sewer Overflow at Oak Park and Madison

South Utility Project:

  • Water Main Replacement (Van Buren to Jackson)
  • Water and Sewer Main Replacement (Harrison to Van Buren)
  • Sewer Main Lining (Roosevelt to Garfield)
  • Sewer Lateral Installation (Oak Park and Lexington)

Southtown Business District OPSouthtown Business District

During construction, don't let our work stop you from getting to all that's good in the Southtown Business District. Southtown is a neighborhood business district south of Madison Street between Lexington and Van Buren Streets. Local favorites include salons, book stores, floral arrangements, art services, coffee shops, grocery, bakeries, restaurants and so much more! View listing and parking map.

updated May 6, 2021

Oak Park Ave Scheduled to Reopen Between Harrison & Van Buren

Oak Park Avenue is scheduled to reopen to traffic between Harrison and Van Buren streets by end of day Friday, May 7th. Crews played the asphalt pavement on the block this week and are finishing the sidewalk restoration before the end of the week. Beginning next week, crews will be installing the sewer lining materials between Garfield and Roosevelt on Oak Park Avenue. This work will have both daytime and night work associated with it as crews will place the liner during the day and cure the liner at night during low-flow periods.

Further north, water main installation has begun this week and will continue next week between Randolph and Madison streets. Crews will maintain northbound traffic only during work hours to complete the water main installation along the west curb line of Oak Park Avenue. Two-way traffic will be re-established each day at the end of the shift. Crews are finishing the roadway asphalt restoration on the 500 and 600 north blocks this week and will remove the current traffic control devices once the restoration work is complete. All underground work remains on schedule to be completed in June, with resurfacing from Roosevelt Road to North Avenue to follow. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in November.

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